How to Choose a Model for a Teen to Build

Teenagers stand at the threshold of an expanding world and are always ready for new experiences. Find models that mirror his new interests, and you may be starting a teen on the road to enjoying a lifetime hobby.


  1. Consider the teen. Most young people have something that especially intrigues them.
  2. Pay attention and listen to your teen. If he talks about NASCAR racing and follows the sport, you’ll know a model of his favorite driver’s car will be a hit.
  3. Check the Internet for ideas. The modeling hobby constantly grows more sophisticated, and the variety of replica kits is ever-increasing.
  4. Remember that your teen’s interest may lie outside your expectations. You may think a model of a World War II P-51 Mustang is fascinating. A teen may prefer a “Star Wars” spaceship.
  5. Check with hobby store clerks. They’ll know the latest trends.
  6. Read the kit box and any accompanying literature to make sure it fits your expectations.
  7. Remember that models are offered at different skill levels. Choose one sufficiently challenging for a teen.
  8. Give the teen a copy of a model hobbyist magazine along with the model.

Teens face a complicated world during a stressful period in life. Model making can provide a chance to exercise creativity and enjoy a sense of accomplishment.
Encourage the teen to join a local or national model makers club if his interest develops.

Remind the teen to exercise care with tools and supplies, some of which might be dangerous to younger siblings or pets.Remember that the model is the teen’s project, not yours.