How to Make Cookie Cutout Pins

Whip up a few pins to wear to work and maybe a few for your co-workers just to say “thanks”. Each pin costs between a few cents to fifty cents depending on the type of pin back you use.

Felt Pin Steps:

  1. Trace cookie cutter shape onto felt. (Image 1)
  2. Fold the felt and cut two pieces. This will give you a front and back to your pin. (Image 2)
  3. Whipstitch two pieces together leaving a small opening at the bottom to fill with batting. (Image 3)
  4. Tear tiny pieces of batting and stuff into pin shape. Use a pencil, if needed, to fill. (Image 4)
  5. Whipstitch opening closed. (Image 5)
  6. Decorate design with beads, wiggly eyes, paint and sequins or cut designs from felt. (Image 6)
  7. Use hot glue or quick-drying glue to affix. (Image 7)
  8. Glue pin to back of design.

Photo Pin Steps:

  1. Make a copy of your favorite photograph.
  2. Cut a piece of clear contact paper 1/2 inch larger than your picture.
  3. Cover both sides of photo with clear contact paper.
  4. Place a cookie cutter on picture.
  5. Trace around cookie cutter.
  6. Cut out shape. For a firmer photo pin, cut a piece of felt the same shape and glue to back.
  7. Glue trim around outside edge.
  8. Glue pin on back of photo.

For a turkey photo pin, make the body your picture and glue felt tail feathers on the back.

For a Christmas tree photo pin, glue a string of sequins around the edge. For a Santa pin, glue bits of cotton around the edge and red beads around the top for a hat. Let your imagination run wild.