How to Choose a Beading Kit for a Teenager

Beading kits can be found for making anything from jewelry to votive candleholders. Costs range from $10 to $40.


  1. Look at the jewelry in trendy stores, or look at what teens are wearing at school functions and sporting events.
  2. Check out your teenagers’ magazines for ideas or trends.
  3. Decide whether you want a kit to make only one type of item or a kit to make a variety of items.
  4. Read the “tools included” section to make sure the kit will have everything needed to finish a project.
  5. Look at kits that would help your teens make their own beads.
  6. Purchase a few extras, if needed, such as containers to hold the loose beads (a cross-stitch thread box works well), tweezers, extra jewelry clasps, wire and fancy glass beads.