How to Budget Your Meals on the Road

Having a picnic takes much less effort than getting over a bad fast food meal.


  1. Find and enter a fast-food restaurant.
  2. Ask for a plastic fork, knife and spoon.
  3. When you have the utensils, ask for the location of the nearest market.
  4. Go to the market.
  5. Buy a bottle of juice or water, some fruit, vegetables, yogurt, a loaf of bread and some cheese or equivalent sandwich item. If there is a deli section, buy hot food as desired.
  6. Go to an attractive park. If you are waiting out a bus layover, make sure to check your departure time with the driver.
  7. Have a picnic. Make and eat several sandwiches or salads.
  8. When done, clean and save the utensils and dispose of trash.
  9. Get back on the road.

Bringing your own utensils and a small plastic bowl can be a lifesaver.

Save utensils for your next meal.

If traveling overseas, observe people’s eating habits and do the same thing they’re doing, as appropriate.